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Interchangeable Thumb Inserts

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Vise-IT Inner $20.00
Vise-IT Outer $20.00
Vise-IT Starter Package $30.00
Inner & Outer Completely Installed
Vise-IT Advance Package $60.00
Inner & Outer Completely Installed, Also Includes Vise Change-It

Premier Bowlers Pro Shop is an official Vise Inserts Pro Shop and is a certified IT installer!

Vise-IT is used by our pro shop staff and is our #1 choice in Interchangeable Thumb Inserts!

Get the same great feel in every ball you own with Switch Grip Interchangeable Inserts.
This revolutionary two-piece insert assembly allows bowlers to remove and interchange thumb inserts from one ball to another for the same fit and feel every shot. No more fussing and fighting installing and removing tape. With just a simple "Twist & Click", bowlers can make a ball change using the same thumb or better yet change thumb size due to shrinking or swelling. Bowl with confidence. Switch Gripô will help you repeat shots no matter what ball you use.

Who's Using Switch Grip?
Switch Gripô is USBC and PBA Approved. It is used by many of the top PBA professionals today, including PBA Tour and International Champion, Mika Koivuniemi. Through continued improvement, Switch Gripô is now the leading interchangeable thumb insert on the market and is sold in over 12 countries. It is also the official thumb insert of the Hammer Sneak Peak and Storm Showcase programs.

Switch Grip Inner $20.00
Switch Grip Outer $20.00
Switch Grip Package $35.00
Inner & Outer Completely Installed
Switch Grip Advance Package $50.00
Inner & Outer Completely Installed, Also Includes Turbo Switch-A-Roo

Available in 1 1/4 & 1 3/8 Thumb Slug Sizes

2 Piece Design

Inner sleeve is made of a durable sanded urethane slug

Outer Plastic sleeve with "Turn & Click" Locking

Available in Black, White, & Neon Yellow

USBC Approved

Grip Loc Inner $25.00
Grip Loc Outer $25.00
Grip Loc Package $25.00
Inner & Outer Completely Installed

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